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Blacksky is a sophisticated exercise in distributed Blackness.

Blacksky is providing a platform to amplify, protect, and moderate Black content so users can safely build community online.
The mission and purpose of the project is to de-center whiteness as the default and to provide a space for Black folk to discuss the Black everyday in a way that feels affirming.
As existing networks like Twitter (a uniquely Black platform with 25% Black users) continue to deteriorate by way of platform decay, this mission is all the more urgent.

Built on the Authenticated Transfer Protocol (ATP) and written largely in Rust, Blacksky is comprised of microservices that analyze, aggregate, and output content created by and for Black users. Blacksky intersects with culture, machine learning, and decentralized web technologies to provide a safe social experience for Black users that allows them to feel seen without worrying about threats from bad actors.

Core Team

Rudy Fraser

Founder, NYC

Rudy is a native New Yorker and technologist with experience leading IT teams and building robust IT architecture. He is passionate about healing with community, creating sustainability, and leveraging technology to solve problems.

We're 100% community funded. Help us keep it that way.

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